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February 2016

  1. 6 Tips for Planning a Day in The Countryside

    6 Tips for Planning a Day in The Countryside
    Now that the arrival of spring and summer is approaching us, it is the perfect opportunity for us to engage in more outdoor activities. A short weekend trip to the countryside is fun and adventurous, where you can go on treks, visit the beautiful villages and gardens, and enjoy the breath-taking sights. We have provided useful tips and tricks on how you can make a weekend trip go smoothly without any worries or stress. Continue reading →
  2. Highgate West Hill - Wentworth

    Highgate West Hill - Wentworth
    {{block type="bannerslider/default" name="bannerslider.bannerslider" template="bannerslider/bannerslider.phtml" bannerslider_id="19"}} We conducted a project in Wentworth located in London, working on 140m worth of land, as well as shingle and barked areas. We used a small self-driven turf cutter to clear any unwanted remaining lawn. We made sure to cut 35mm off from the bottom, which included the surface lawn and the large part of...
  3. 6 Lawn Tips to Prepare For This Spring

    6 Lawn Tips to Prepare For This Spring
    A change in season only means one thing; a change in lawn care is needed too. Now that the dark, frosty, cold weather is beginning to fade away, the brighter days of spring are entering, and the days seem to get lighter and less cold. It is important to make sure that you offer tender, love and care to any damaged leaves, plants or turf from over winter. This is why we have provided an exciting, useful guide on how to conduct a winter clean up and prepare your garden for the beautiful spring season. Continue reading →

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